Monday, October 25, 2010

What I Got Reprise

So I try to write things down quickly when they are in my head or on my heart. This morning as I was thinking about love and loss in life (alliteration not intentional) suddenly this Sublime song stuck in my head. The entirety of the song isn't relevant, but the lyric is. Anyway I've been kind of thinking about it all day....and have more thoughts to add.

Let's start with "holy smokes do I have amazing, AMAZING friends...."
Don't get me wrong, my family is pretty badass as well, but they are mostly thousands of miles away. But let me tell you, I knew I had some good friends, but I didn't realize how lucky I really am. I've found myself in a valley of life where I've suffered what I consider a devastating loss that has me reeling and trying to piece back together the (at least partially) shattered plans for my future. What I've discovered is that I have built up these other relationships, based on *unconditional* love for me like I've never seen from someone that isn't blood..,

I've had friends rallying around me, taking care of me. One was concerned I wasn't eating.... "Ok, your smoothie doesn't count as lunch, too. Get a sandwich. You don't want me to forcefeed your skinny ass; I was already thinking about shoveling down mayonnaise." Now that's a friend! Another boldly stated that she would like to hang out with me to make my day smell better. :) Then of course, I was told my Arizona family would always take care of me. I've literally had to schedule out my nights this week to spend time with everyone who wants to be here for me and with me. Another friend brought me Rocky Road and Frappucino, and sat watching silly movies and being a comforting presence so I could fall asleep. I could go on and on....

One of the best things they have all provided me in addition to a shoulder to cry on a hand to hold, and a good a laugh and a smile. I could write for hours funny comments and stories. One pointed out that in my head, I know i will be alright, but my heart doesn't know it response was, yes, that's true. My heart rides the short bus. And of course there is Running with Chicken, This Party Took a Turn for the Douche, and Hand Job Bland Job I Don't Understand Job compliments of hours of watching

Point being, earlier I wrote quickly and passionately about love. What I am elaborating on here is, the love of friends is simply awesome. I wouldn't trade these friends for one romantic love of a lifetime. John 15:13 says "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

Much of the advice I've received from Believers in my world have told me to trust God in times of pain and loss, and to hold onto my faith. As I have strived for this, I've found peace in my friends, and whether these friends are believers or not, I have faith that they are God's answer to my prayers. I thank God for each and every one of you.

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